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Supported Devices

QMap is available to buy now for the following devices :
Behringer X-Touch Universal
Mackie Control Universal/MCU Pro
Icon Qcon Pro X

installing QMap

v3 placement.PNG
QMap is easily installed on any 32bit or 64bit Windows/macOS machine. 
A custom Bome Midi Translator Pro module is included with QMap.
You'll receive an installer for both platforms.
The QMap system files and Studio One macros are simply pasted into the relevant program folders.
Once you connect your devices via MT Player and adjust a few Studio One settings, you're good to go. 
The Installation Guide details the whole process step-by-step.

Planned SuppoRt

Support will be added in the near future for:

Behringer X-Touch One

Icon Nano

For these single-fader devices, you'll be able to add an extender from any manufacturer, presenting both devices to Studio One as a single unit for mode functionality, plugin control etc.

You'll also get a full size on-screen-display giving you a 9 channel overview:

(8 strips + selected channel/master).

On top of that, these single-fader devices will function like a Faderport Classic, syncing with any channel you click in the software console, with the console also following hardware channel/bank selections. 

If you have a device you'd like supported that's not mentioned here, please feel free to drop me a mail:

It will also be possible in the future to order a bespoke script.

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