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QMAP Features

  • Full range of 50 hardware controls are unlocked for plugins:

8 Encoders, 8 Encoder Buttons & 8 Faders(x 2 Layers using Shift) + Master Fader & Jogwheel


  • Plugin Paging with 8 pages, giving 400 controllable parameters per plugin

  • Linkable send pan & channel pan, plus option to lock all of a channel's sends for moving together

  • Multi-select channels from the controller & instantly add pre-routed Bus, FX and VCA channels

  • Flexible expanded Function Modes 

  • New Insert Indexing mode for stepping through insert slots per channel

  • Easy access to Plugin Automation Modes from the controller

  • Modify the controller using computer keyboard 'Shift', 'Alt' etc

  • Press computer KB Alt from controller 'Alt' (e.g for moving individual faders within a group)

  • Controls for new Studio One 5 features such as the Listen Bus, new Scenes and new Aux Channel

  • Ability to select the Master out channel in the console as well as control it with the 9th fader

  • 9th fader can be set to function like a Faderport Classic 

  • Extended Jogwheel functions using modifiers (event-gain, midi velocity, marker navigation and more)

  • Devices bank in channel blocks that keep in step with your extender count, with the software console syncable to hardware banking

  • Toggle Scene-Sync on and off for tidy and efficient session management

  • For single unit setups, enjoy auto-banking with the controller snapping to locations clicked in the software console.

  • Ability to reset any Encoder and Fader parameters to Default positions,                      including plugin parameters.

  • Instant Plugin insert /user macro slot triggers on main unit & all extenders

  • Custom Zoom Functions

+  loads more workflow-enhancing controls

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