What is QMAP?


QMap delivers in practice what all 3rd party controllers promise in theory:

Analogue-style workflow.

The variety and flexibility of the components QMap weaves together gives it the deep yet intuitive integration normally only found in controller solutions costing thousands of £££s. 

 You get ergonomically re-mapped surface controls, new & unique scripting,

hundreds of carefully crafted macros, a Bome Midi Translator Pro module plus 

bespoke device overlays with high-legibility metallicised text.

In modern production sessions the power of the modern daw is so total

that traditional/antiquated controller scripts just don't cut it.

The limits imposed on what the controller can do are artificially restrictive, forcing the user into

reaching for the mouse so often it remains their primary go-to control option.  

Hardware control is faster and more efficient, so long as enough control elements are implemented.

This is why QMap was conceived.

Its entire raison d'être is to let you centralise your production session on your hardware

to the fullest extent possible, retaining effectiveness even with the computer monitor turned off.

QMap v3 builds on but streamlines various aspects of its control logic:

Faster access to controls/data feedback throughout the function modes

Auto-banking functionality for multi-extender setups

Extended User Customisation options. 

New & improved skin/On-Screen-Display with master/slctd channel section

and the proverbial 'more' ! 

QMap is available for Studio One 4 and Studio One 5.

Currently supported devices are listed


Where is QMap?!

v3 user world map.png

QMap is developed from a bedroom in the UK and has a growing user-base all over the world.

QMap overlays can be shipped worldwide.

If you don't see your country as a destination when ordering, let me know and I'll add it.