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A Modern Idiot's Guide


This website!

The world we live in seems to be getting madder by the minute. 

A Modern Idiot is defined at least by me as an individual that has begun to grapple with the Wisdom Paradox:

that eternal struggle to know the unknowable and make sense of the nonsensical.


There is no pre-defined plan for content and for now the site will grow sporadically and organically.

QMap is a musical technology project of mine that shares this site so if you have any interest in

Digital Audio Workstations - Studio One in particular - feel free to check that out.

Note: I do not proclaim to be an expert on any subject matter!

I am self-taught in all the disciplines you'll eventually find here, from photography to phonography,

graphics to economics and coding to cooking.  

The goal of Modern Idiots is to provide a thoughtful and hopefully thought-provoking look at various aspects of life that interest me personally but that affect us all as a species.

The website is being built part-time, in real time as it were, therefore no promises are being made or implied as to the schedule/timeframe for content to be created and/or added!

Many pages (like this one) will be quite raw until I get around to refining the look.

Consider them holding pages if you like.

Ok, disclaimers over, and remember the motto of every Modern Idiot:

Break New Ground & Have Fun!


Landscape in Periana, Spain


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